Quiltmaking is precious


The secret of steelmaking is based on the possibility to change the crystalline structure of steel in many ways.
I’ve spent several professional years looking at the microscope, and flying above wide landscapes of abstract metallographic images.
May quiltmaking be infused with the beauty of precious crystals?
Next week I will tell something about cristallography, in the opening of the zoom live session dedicated to improv patchwork, arranged by local quilt shop (Italian language). Information and link to join the talk of next July 2nd can be asked to Patchworkvictim.

Composing with figures or abstract shapes

collaborations, improv process

I’ve just finished the top started during the on-line workshop by Sherri Lynn Wood on improv wedge curves. This has all been improvisationally made: no drawing prepared, no measures taken.

It’s been a great exercise on the distinction between graphic line (followed by the eye) and sewn line (may be the same or a different one).

Tomorrow I will talk about graphic compositions, small and large, in a zoom live session hosted by local quilt shop. Italian language. For link to join, please contact Patchworkvictim.