A bouquet for the Spring


I have a preference for solid fabric. Probably it stems out from the pleasure of getting full access to a large amount of color in a glance.

Indeed, graphic designer Falcinelli writes something about this in his essay Cromorama: he observes that the natural world offers to us the experience of a flat hue almost only in the vision of the sky.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity of talking of my favorite colors in a dedicated video appointment called “The palette of the month”, thanks to a new collaboration with the local quilt shop Patchworkvictim. You can see my choice of solid fabrics for this month on their blog article at this link.

All the palettes I will propose have been tested in some quilt of mine. I chose iris colors as a starter, because I’ve always loved to shoot photos of irises in all their development statuses, with wrinkly petals or unusual shapes. Irises are in full bloom now: they are a good inspiration source for this month!