Follow the track of the quilt


The second episode of the series “The secret lives of quilts” of this Summer is out on Patchworkvictim blog, on its YouTube channel, and here above! This episode tells the story of the quilt “Night lights”, made for the game #qisdualism by Quilt Improv Studio.

This quilt refers to the dualism of darkness and light: the lights have a special character during the late hours and I tried to represent their brightness being more piercing, when coupled with their opposite in the background.
I like to walk in the night towards the sea, beyond the last streetlamp. Yellow reflections swim on the water waves, under a black sky.
I like to be in energy saving mode, in the last hour of the day at home. Streetlamp rays filter through the window tile, scattering light marks on the dark wall.

I made a blue-tooth-tracker pocket in the lower part of my quilt sleeve. After reading shipment loss (and late retrieval) story shared by @quiltinginthefog, I adopted, already since this year start, the solution to follow my quilt tracks. I was struggling for a good place for the tracker, to avoid bumps in the quilt back. When @quiltinginthefog confirmed that she chose a place near the sleeve, as I was thinking too, I went for the solution you can see in these pictures. I was much reassured by seeing the track of my quilt, until it arrived to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.

Here below you can see it hanging in the show!